So who is this ‘dags’ character anyway?


Howdy! I’m Dags and I cannot even remember when i got that nickname. It’s either ‘Dags’ ‘Dazza’ or ‘Dagsta’.

We’re big on nicknames in Australia. No matter where you come from originally, most Aussies are too slack to say your whole name so we will just shorten it. Or add an “O” at the end.

For example if your name is Frank, you will now be forever known as “Franko” . Or you can get really creative and end it with “sy”. Lo and behold you are now “Franksy”.

See? It’s easy. Get creative and find out your Aussie name. If you don’t we will most probably do it for you anyway.


IMG_0540 (1)


So I’ve been and done many things, I have hitch hiked around the South West of Western Australia, worked on farms, picked up dog turds and rubbish in the parks with ex-cons, (yes that was actually a job) played the drums in various bands, travelled through the amazing Red Centre of  Australia, manufactured cough medicine and Viagra in the pharmaceutical industry, bought and renovated two houses, worked on assembly lines in soul-destroying factories, door knocked for various charities, picked fruit, broken boulders with a jack hammer for hours on end, layed bricks in 45C heat, driven 350 Tonne trucks in the mining industry-the list goes on.

IMG_0253 (1)

dags in the mining industry.

But one constant that has been in my life has been motorcycles. I love them, can’t get enough of them. I can ride all day no problems at all.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of being free, cruising along to the sound of a well tuned engine.

To be honest I really don’t care what bike I’m riding, they are all fun.

Especially the cheap piles of junk. You can flog the crap outta them and not feel bad when they fall apart. Or get stolen. Or catch alight from a badly patched fuel line.

So I have quit my job, sold all my stuff and the adventure begins.

I shall be starting off by misplacing crucial engine parts in South East Asia, then probably  breaking down through India, dodging camels in the Middle East and then most definitely crashing in Mexico, leaving me to leak oil and burn rubber all the way down to South America.

So jump on the back and let’s get going……….

It’s gonna be You and Me VS…….The World.


 Why travel by motorcycle?

I’m kind of impatient. When I see something I like, i want to stop and explore at my own pace. You can Take photos when ever you want. Turn left here, go over that mountain there. Why? because, you can!


A motorbike gives you ultimate freedom. You can alter your route at any time, access small roads other vehicles cannot (buses, trains etc) And you are living in the moment.

The wind in your hair, the sun on your face (or hailstones) you can relish in the smells of sea and forest, choke on the exhausts in big cities (puts hairs on your chest) and become at one with yourself and the surroundings.

Oh also the fuel is cheap. When you remember to fill up that is..