Howdy! I have quit my job to travel the world by motorcycle!

Posted by on May 25, 2015
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Everyone is more handsome on a motorcycle (125cc Wuyang Honda Scooter through Burma)

Hi, I’m Dags and for the last few years I have been becoming less and less satisfied with the materialistic western lifestyle that I had entrenched myself in. I had a great stable job, a new harley-davidson in the garage and the best leather couch money could buy. So what happened? For some reason my spirit was waning. I needed an adventure. Not just any adventure, but a full-blown around the world trip that would take at least 2 years to complete. So fuck it, that’s what I’m doing. I have sold and given away every possession that I owned, just to show the world how serious I am about finding my true self.

Somewhere out there on the road my inner spirit is waiting for me.

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Explore at your own leisure (125cc Yamaha scooter, Thailand)

So I am now travelling solo around the world on small cheap motorcycles. Why a small bike? Why not a testosterone-inducing, fully decked out, 1000 cubic square inches BMW touring bike?

Because I’m a tight-ass that’s why. And I’m also slightly mad.

You don’t need a 20 thousand dollar BMW to live your dream of seeing the world on two wheels! Generally a small local bike will get the job done, albeit a bit slower, but definitely cheaper. Parts are easy to come by and repairs can be made in any town, any place.

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A $600 150cc Chinese Haijiang bike that I bought brand new in Cairo

A brand new bike under 150cc in India will cost you about $800-$1500US. Even cheaper if you buy second-hand. They can then be on-sold for pretty much the same price you purchased them for. You can do this in Vietnam, Mexico, South America, Egypt the list goes on.

Heres a few tips for setting up your bike

So save up a couple of grand and go circumnavigate an entire country on a small motorcycle! Anyone can do it! If you have a backpack, strap that bastard on and you are good to go! Don’t believe me? Check these inspirational people out

Join me on my adventure and lets go see the world!


Pattadakal, India , Badami , aihole, Pattadakal Heritage Site, motorcycle through India

Cruising through the town of Pattadakal, India on a cheap 150cc $500 Bajaj bike