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150cc Haojiang Chinese Motorcycle I bought brand new in Cairo

The bike I battled through Egypt with was a 150cc Chinese made Haojiang beast. This bike I purchased brand new for 5200 Egyptian Pounds ($600US) from Abou Hawa Motorcycles in Cairo, which is a wholesale seller. You buy the bike, it gets oil, a battery and fuel added, a quick mechanic check and then its yours. So make sure you check it over properly the first time!

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My backpack strapped well on the included rack, which appeared quite strong.

There is a lot of total insanity with government paperwork, but bring an Egyptian friend, your passport/license, proof of address (hotel) and you will have a newly licensed bike in your name with registration plates in under 5 days (you can take it straight away and ride it, just keep your receipt) I bought mine on Thursday and was done by Tuesday. No worries. A quicker and easier way would be to hire a bike or buy a bike in an Egyptian friend’s name.

The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The Great Pyramid Of Giza

After running in the engine, I did an oil change at 100km, tightened all the loose nuts and bolts, oiled and adjusted the chain, then hit the Giza- Luxor Highway, towards Abu Simbel via Giza, Al Minya, Asyut, Luxor and then Aswan to Abu Simbel.

This bike handles quite well to be fair, it has a top speed of around 110kmph (I peaked it to 115kmph) decent tyres (airless) and a comfy seat. It has a 15L tank, which gave me 600KM to bone dry. Not too bad at all (considering I ride flat-out) I took this thing on highways, off-road, through water/mud and it took it all in its stride.

Follow your dreams of seeing the world.

Other cheap bikes to choose from would be either;

  • 200cc Beneli VLR or VLM (7700EP or $1000) or the
  • 150cc Dayung (4500EP or $600)

Haojiang 150cc Motorcycle

  •  Cost- 5500EP or $600 bucks from Abu Hawa Motorcycles and sold for $450
  • Transmission- 5 gears with manual clutch
  • Top Speed- Around 110kmph
  • Fuel Tank- 15 litre tank will get you about 600km. Costs 20EP  ($3) to fill up. Fuel stations everywhere.
  • Repairs- Full service will cost you no more than 100EP ($15)
  • Luggage capacity- I strapped my 60L backpack to the seat and rack and had one soft saddlebag for my tools and other crap.
  • Additions- I wired in a generic cigarette lighter unit to charge my phone/GPS.

I recommend staying at the Pyramid View Inn (Giza) and the guys there will help you arrange things. Speak to Sami the owner and he will point you in the right direction. I had the wonderful Mr Kamal and Ahmed (who works at Abou Hawa Motorcycles) helping me and they were absolutely fantastic. Tell them that crazy bastard Darren from Australia sent you!


Heres where to get a moto in Cairo!