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The bike I used to travel through India was on a 150cc Bajaj Discover 2011 model.

I bought this second-hand in Mumbai from Rishi Bike Bazaar for 25 thousand rupees ($537) These bikes are made in India and are extremely reliable. If you are in India for a short time you can hire a bike as well, but I’m here for a number of months so buying is the best option. Other popular models in India are Royal Enfield and Honda Hero Motorcorp. There are some really cool KTM’s getting around too, but they are gonna cost ya!

cow riding a motorcycle

Even the cows in India ride bikes.

A full service and some repairs (engine oil and filter, carby clean/kit installed, new wheel bearings, new air cleaner, new battery, new clutch plate) cost me 2300 rupees ($50) and a brand new set of high quality tyres and tubes (Michelin puncture resistant) cost an incredible 3000 rupees ($60) so these bikes are very cheap to maintain. No shortage of parts or time wasted chasing certain tube/tyre sizes. For around a hundred bucks I now had a kickass well-tuned bike with new tyres and a full tank of gas.

motorcycle through mumbai

Insane Mumbai traffic…

Roads are pretty shit here so don’t expect to be breaking any speed records; I probably averaged around 60-80km/ph most of the time. Also there are speed bumps just randomly placed everywhere! Jesus fucking Christ!

Fuel is relatively expensive in India, it can cost a full days wages just to fill up your tank (600 rupees or $10) so fuel theft is a real problem. Make sure you have a lockable fuel tap (and tank cap) and keep your bike in a secure location.

  • Cost: 25 thousand rupees (around 500 bucks)
  • Transmission: 5 gears with manual clutch.
  • Top Speed: Around 110kmph.
  • Fuel Tank: 10 Litre tank will get you about 550km. Costs $10 to fill up (around 600 rupees)
  • Repairs: To repair a flat will cost you no more than $2.
  • Luggage Capacity: I strapped my 50L backpack onto the seat with plenty of room and also had one lockable side pannier.

Heres where to find Rishi Bike Bazaar Mumbai