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The bike I used for Myanmar was a 125 cc Wuyang Honda (which is a Chinese rip off of a Japanese Honda Wave) These little bikes are simple to ride and go really fucking well and will get you anywhere. One of the most popular bikes in South East Asia because they are cheap to buy and also cheap to run. I had it serviced (change oil, adjust tappets and oiled the chain) for 2500 kyat, which is around $2 US. How’s that for cheap?

lots of cows around corners on the roads!

Lots of cows around corners on the roads!

  • Cost: $8 US (1000 kyat) per day from Mandalay Motorbike Rentals
  • Transmission: 4 gears with automatic clutch
  • Top Speed: Around 90kmph
  • Fuel Tank: 5 Litre tank will get you about 120km. Costs $2 bucks to fill
  • Luggage Capacity: Well I’ve seen so much shit strapped to one of these fuckers, so I assume the sky is the limit.

Where to get it –Mandalay Motorbike Rentals

Where to find Mandalay Motorbikes……

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