Hmm well, what do we have here? A whole bunch of crap stuffed into a bag!

  • Firstly I have a 65L ‘cuba’ Black Wolf  backpack which has a small 15 L daypack. I bought this on sale for just under $200 dollars from Anaconda Stores. Usually retails around the $250 mark. Very well made with plenty of room and a rain cover built-in. Lockable zips and plenty of compartments.
  • I roll up all my clothes to pack in better.
  • I have a toiletries bag to make showering easier when staying in hostels.
  • A  quick dry towel works wonders when you are on the move.
  • My camera is a GOPRO Hero 4 with numerous attachments for motorcycle videos. I have the duel charger and 4 spare batteries. The wi-fi remote is a must have addition for ease of use in many different scenarios. I also use the GOPRO selfie stick because it can be used as a tripod and has other bendable positions for getting those cool shots. I keep all this stuff in the GOPRO travel case
  • My 13″ Macbook Air which I use for video editing,blogging, and everything else.
  • 2 jumpers
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 3 shirts
  • 1 pair shorts
  • 5 pairs jocks
  • 1 pair sandals or thongs
  • 1 pair Converse All-Stars
  • 1 scarf
  • earplugs
  • 2 personal padlocks and 1 bag lock(for hostel lockers etc)
  • iPhone 5c unlocked
  • small torch
  • toiletries.
1500cc Haojiang, dagsvstheworld, egypt

Strap that bastard on! My bike in Egypt-150cc Haojiang ($600)

So what stuff do you strap to your moto?

  • backpack
  • small travel tent (generally the cheaper it is, the wetter you get when it rains)
  • tools
  • spare fuel container
  • 2 spare tubes and puncture kit (or repair strips and piercing tool if you have airless tyres)
  • chain and large padlock (for motorbike)
  • GOPRO mounts everywhere
travel light by motorcycle, dagsvstheworld

A backpack and a side pannier is about all you need! -My India bike a 150cc Bajaj Discover ($500)

The key is to travel light. The more crap you have the more of a pain in the ass it is. More crap to lose and more crap for people to steal. Keep your stuff close and in sight, or otherwise locked away in the hostel. Chain and padlock your bike when you are leaving it somewhere. Also have a lockable fuel cap to stop your go-go juice from being stolen. If it isn’t locked down or tied up there is a 100% chance it will not be there when you get back.

Even a scooter will get you where you wanna go

Even a scooter will get you where you wanna go!- My bike in Myanmar, a 125cc Wuyang Honda ($10 bucks a day to hire from Mandalay Motorbike Rentals)


  1. simon
    December 24, 2015

    room is a bit bit tight on the small bikes, how do you manage getting it all on?

    • dags
      December 24, 2015

      use good quality straps and you should be able to slide your pack as far back as possible. Failing that you can get a cheap pair of soft saddle bags and transfer your stuff into that. Stick your tent/bedroll on the front somewhere if you can(above the front mudguard, under the handlebars) and again, use good quality ropes or tie downs!!!!! Very important!!!!

      • gunga
        March 19, 2016

        G’day! loving your blogs, man. totes piss yourself prose.
        regarding moto gear strapping options, i swear by these:

        …available online, but…where you’re going, you don’t need roads (let alone wifi)

        • dags
          March 19, 2016

          haha mr Bippy! squackstrapsaustralia! they look pretty good man, defy need good straps on these roads, your shit flys off at every opportunity! neeeooooooooo


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