Going on an extended moto journey? well ya gonna need a whole bunch of essential gear aren’t ya!




Luggage and Racks

You may be able to find a shop that will weld you up a rack for your bike. Make sure the welds look strong and decent metal is used. If it looks flimsy it probably won’t last and you will end up screaming in rage after everything falls off and disappears under a truck.

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Incredibly important shit

  • passport
  • credit cards
  • emergency phone numbers
  • fake wallet to give to robbers (old cards and maybe 20 bucks in single notes.)
  • international drivers license
  • your plane tickets, dumbass
  • your ownership papers for your new bike.
  • scan and copy all these documents and store on a USB stick. Keep 2 of these!!
  • travel insurance – don’t be a dumbass! get insured!


Gadgets and cool stuff

  • unlocked smart phone and sim card
  • laptop and charger
  • camera and charger
  • spare batteries for your camera
  • applicable chargers and international power adapters for your country
  • watch or timekeeping device
  • small LED torch
  • memory cards for your devices, it’s preferable to get several smaller ones that one large one in case you are susceptible to losing stuff all the time.
  • set up a USB charger on your bike.


Small first aid kit

It always pays to have a small kit with some essential items to keep you all nice and brand spanking new after you have broken yourself.

  • band aids
  • bandage
  • insect repellant
  • antibiotics
  • antiseptic cream

Even a scooter will get you where you wanna go


  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • toilet paper – don’t wipe your ass with your hand. Just don’t.
  • sunscreen
  • shaver
  • soap
  • washing powder – just wash ya clothes in the bath.

Think smart and pack light. Too much stuff will become cumbersome. You can always buy extra things as you travel, there is no need to pack the whole house before you leave!

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