Some inspirational world moto travellers

  • Alex Chacon – this guy has been all over the world and has some great videos to prove it.
  • Ondrej Jurik – travelled through South America on a Honda CGL 125cc motorcycle.
  • Nathan and his bike “Dorothy” – Nathan travelled the world on a Honda 110cc postie bike.
  • Simon Gandolfi – a 70-year-old fella who rode a Honda 125cc bike through Latin America.
  • Nick – travelled around the world on a Yamaha YBR 125.
  • Gustavo Cieslar and Elke Jeannette Pahl – over 40 countries on two 125cc Yamaha motorbikes.
  • Tom – a great trip from Saigon to Hanoi on a scooter. Great stories and plenty of maps and information on travelling through Vietnam on a small motorcycle.
  • Earth Roamers– A family of three that travelled the world on motorcycles.
  • Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor – you must have heard of these guys by now.
  • Benka Pulko – clocked over 100 thousand km and has travelled every continent on a BMW F650. Absolute champion!
  • Eliza Massey – currently travelling solo around the world on a BMW GS 650.
  • Chris Foster – This guy is 48 years young and taking on Europe and America.
  • Beth Whitman – Another female solo traveller riding solo on a BMW F650. Some great stories here.
  • Claude Saint-Pierre – over 14 thousand km on a 2003 BMW Dakar bike.
  • Christopher Sorbi – 200 countries on a 30 year old Suzuki GS 850cc.

Here’s a list of  backpacker nomads

  • Expert Vagabond – a great reference for backpackers everywhere.
  • Wandering Earl – this guy just lives to travel the world out of a backpack.
  • Nomad Revelations – another long-term backpacking dude.
  • Trip Hacker – a site full of help for the travelling nomad.
  • Passport Chronicles – this fella will help you plan your next adventure around the world.
  • A Backpackers Tale – a wonderful site with plenty of resources for the solo traveller.
  • Nomadic Matt – probably the backpackers holy grail of backpacking. This guy has heaps of info and is a great reference if you want to travel the world.


  1. simon
    December 24, 2015

    what a great bunch of people! definately inspiring!!

    • dags
      December 24, 2015

      there are some cool people out there!

  2. Frann
    May 3, 2016


  3. João Leitão
    August 14, 2016

    Great list of travelers! thank you for including me man. Greetings all the way from Sahara Desert!

    • dags
      August 14, 2016

      No worries mate! It’s people like you that inspired me to take this trip! I Hope to come that way in the next year or so! Safe travels man!


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