Travelling the world is awesome. But being aware of your safety is important when overseas, as there are plenty of people who just want to rob you and rip you off. In some places it may be best just to not go there, but if you insist on travelling to dodgy parts of the world then make sure you have a few precautions up your sleeve.

  • keep a fake throw down wallet with a few old credit cards and about 30 bucks in singles.
  • keep some cash hidden on your bike and on your person in case you get your real wallet stolen.
  • don’t wear any fancy jewellery. You are a dumbass if you do.
  • don’t hang around bus stations and other dodgy places at night.
  • lock your bike up with a chain and padlock, or better yet park it inside your hostel.
  • keep all your important stuff locked in the hostel locker when on day trips(use your own lock!)
  • when buying a moto overseas, watch out for the old scam where you buy the bike, then it gets conveniently stolen from your hostel later that night. Keep your address to yourself!
  • near borders of countries are where a lot of robberies take place. Keep extra vigilant in these areas.
  • purchase a lockable fuel cap. Fuel gets stolen a lot in every country. And watch your spare fuel containers too.
  • just be aware if your robbers have a knife or a gun, they probably will use them if you piss them off. Just give em your cash and then get the f*ck out of there.
  • tell your family and friends where you will be going and keep everyone updated regularly.
  • have copies of all your important documents scanned, copied and saved on a few USB sticks. I personally upload everything to my Cloud Drive.
  • keep up to date with the political situations in the country’s’ you will be visiting.

Here are some real life stories of travellers that have been robbed and lived to tell the tale

So take precautions and keep aware of your surroundings at all times. Very important stuff.


  1. mathew
    December 24, 2015

    I was robbed in Columbia and they stole my underpants and everything. The joke was on them because i had bad diahorrea and they had shit stains all over them!!


    • dags
      December 24, 2015

      shit stains works everytime! Take that Sanchez!!!!

  2. dweeb
    December 24, 2015

    i got robbed in mexico, not fun at all, they took my tamigotchi, motherfuckers!


    • dags
      December 24, 2015

      those bastards!

  3. martina
    December 24, 2015

    As a girl I am always frightened of things like this! Im really pretty too so people are always staring at me,
    Marti xxxxx


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