Sometimes ‘when’ to travel is just as important as ‘where’ to travel.


When you are travelling by motorcycle, one of the most important things that may make or break your awesome adventure is the weather. Unless you love riding through snow or pouring rain, it pays to check what season the country that you are going to is currently experiencing. Here are a list of countries and links to their weather patterns.


Your friends and family and society in general will be forever telling you it can’t be done. Well f*ck you friends, family and society because it can. There are literally hundreds of people who have taken the plunge and travelled around the world on a motorcycle. And it doesn’t matter what type of motorcycle, there are people who have ridden 110cc postie bikes through countries without a hitch. If you need motivation check out the “other nomads” section for a list of inspirational people who live one day at a time and are following their dreams. You can do it. Ignore the naysayers.

Political Unrest

Some countries have random periods of civil unrest. Others have people who will target you because you are a westerner. Then there are places that suffer earthquakes, meteor showers and portals to other dimensions. Check with your country’s safety advice websites before you go.

Get Cashed up

Well you are gonna need some money aren’t ya! Sort out your finances before you leave and always have a back up credit card in case you get robbed or run out of money. I have a an emergency card with 2 thousand dollar limit, which I never use, its just there in case I need it. How much do you need? When you are travelling on a smaller bike your budget will last a lot longer. They break down less, use less fuel, and are quicker and cheaper to fix.


So get some cash together, get overseas and get yourself a small bike and start travelling!




  1. martina
    December 24, 2015

    Cant wait to do this in India! Thanks Dags!!

  2. toady
    December 24, 2015

    Hey Dags when are you in India? would love to hook up and ride man!
    the Toadster

    • dags
      December 24, 2015

      January to March my friend! I was going to head up the north (New Delhi) but will be hitting the southern coast now, should be a fantastic ride man

  3. Frann
    May 3, 2016

    I like turtles and stuff


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